TNC Text Messaging Program

Pike Knob Preserve in West Virginia
Pike Knob Grass The Nature Conservancy's Pike Knob Preserve in West Virginia. Secluded amid a 3,600-acre string of protected peaks on North Fork Mountain lies The Nature Conservancy’s Pike Knob – a 1,600-acre preserve boasting some of the finest views in the state. © Kent Mason

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Text Messaging Goals

The Nature Conservancy utilizes text messaging as a marketing touch pain to connect with its audiences to achieve three primary goals:

1. Awareness

Drive awareness of TNC and our work globally to new and existing audiences.

2. Engagement

Encourage recipients to engage by visiting TNC's website and take actions to sustain meaningful relationships. 

3. Fundraising/Lead Acquisition

Introduce potential donors to The Nature Conservancy and convert prospects to members. Engage, cultivate and retain current donors regardless of channel of origin.

Centralized Text Messaging Program

Why is text messaging centralized?

Global Digital coordinates text campaigns and supporter text messages to ensure that TNC is sending the right message to the right supporter at the right time – no matter where the messaging need comes from within the organization. 

Other Reasons:

  • Ensure consistent branding & messaging
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Leverage test results & learning to make channel more effective
  • Legal and SOP compliance

What’s Next?

  1. Build governance around best practices and policies
  2. Establish better understanding of our audience
  3. Establish baseline metrics
  4. Explore creative campaign ideas to engage members
  5. Continue to work with state chapters and teams across TNC to meet organizational goals